Suppress The Cravings Without Supplements

One of the hardest things for anyone who is starting to lose weight is to stop all of the cravings that they are having. This is a normal battle – but one that many of us will lose. This is often because we are not fighting hard enough or in the wrong way. It is possible to use supplements that will suppress the appetite and all of the cravings – but why not do it a natural way?

Protein For Breakfast

A great way to start off your day and to reduce the early morning cravings is to have some protein in the morning. Have some fresh fruit and a lean protein to go with it. If this is too much to make in the morning than whip up a milkshake. Use low fat milk, fresh fruit, and a scoop of Whey protein. This will make you feel fuller until lunch comes and it won’t be too heavy on your stomach.


Most of us are led to believe that starches like potatoes are a big no-no in the dieting world. This is not entirely true. A potato if full of digestive enzymes that your body needs and it could help to keep the hunger pains away. Just make sure that you prepare these carefully and eat in moderation. Have a baked potato for dinner and it will only be 100 calories.

Healthy Fat

It is not good to cut out all fat from your diet. There are healthy types of fats that you should be eating. Try to incorporate food into your diet that is made up of the unsaturated fats. Avocados, olives, olive oil, and sunflower seeds contain this and are a great snack to have. These will take care of the cravings without packing on the pounds.

Work It Off

Exercise is the key to any work out. This is going to help you shed calories, tone muscle, give you natural energy, and it could fight away those cravings. Research shows that 60 minutes of high intensity cardio workouts will help to curb the hunger for at least two hours. It releases the appetite suppressing hormone known as ghrelin.

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