Reasons To Lift Weights

Being a woman means that you have to be feminine and show off the natural curves that God gave you. That means that you have to know what techniques are going to help you slim down enough to be able to wear the right clothes that can help you accomplish the right look for you.

Most of us are under the impression that cardio is the best way to do this. While it is essential at slimming down it is not the only thing to do. You also need to pick up the weights or sit down and use the various weight machines in your gym. Do not worry about bulking up. As long as you use the right amount you are going to see some great results.

Lose More Fat

Health experts did research to see how men and women were affected by adding in a lot of weight training into their exercise routine. The results showed that they were able to lose 6 pounds more than those who did more cardio. They were able to shed pure fat from the body without losing any muscle.

Lose Inches

Some people are not going to have an easier time dropping the weigh in terms of the numbers on the scale. However, that is not what matters most. The difference that you will notice more than anything is in the inches that you lose. You will be amazed at how your pants will be fitting your frame better and you can finally buy the clothes that you have always wanted to wear.

Burn More Calories

The most important thing you have to concentrate on when losing the weight is to burn away the calories. When you are tired of running on the treadmill than pick up the dumbbells and get to work. Research shows that doing a circuit of at least eight different moves with weight can help you to burn more than 200 calories. This is what you will burn running except it won’t have to take as long. Just make sure to do enough reps.

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