Low Fat Frozen Summer Treats

I know that it is still spring – but all of us here in the Southern states are beginning to feel the heat and to us the summer has already begun. This is the time of year to get forget about school, enjoy the fresh air, get our tan on, and to enjoy the summer treats that we love so much. Nothing says summer like ice cream!

Unfortunately those of us who are trying to lose weight or to maintain that weight loss should be think twice before heading to the nearest Cold Stone. This is actually one of the worst foods because it is full of sugar and fat like you would not believe. Instead go to the grocery store and check out some tasty, low fat treats that you will love.

Breyers All Natural Strawberry Ice Cream

120 calories in a ½ cup.

Breyers is one of the best ice cream makers on the market and they come in various flavors. One of the best is their all natural strawberry ice cream. Health experts say that if you leave off the toppings you are likely to eat less and savor each bite!

Trader Joe’s Caribbean Fruit Floes

80 calories in each bar.

These are literally chunks of fruit and not the kind that are artificially made and sweetened. It is all real fruit – but this is made with natural sugar that is not only good for you – but it sure to take care of that sweet tooth.

Dove Miniatures

60 calories in each mini.

Nothing says chocolate more than Dove. They are by far my favorite candy and their frozen miniatures are delicious. They come in chocolate, cherry, and vanilla. They might be small – but they are packed with flavor. All you will need is one.

Haagen-Dazs Zesty Lemon Sorbet

110 calories in a ½ cup.

Sorbet is a more fruity ice cream and is very popular among people. This particular one is made with real lemon juice and is going to take care of the summer heat. This is a great snack for kids and is sure to keep the cravings away.

Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Low Fat Frozen Yogurt

160 calories in a ½ cup.

They might not be cheap – but Ben & Jerry’s knows how to make delicious ice cream. This one is the most healthiest option on their list of ice cream. Still, you need to be careful. Sometimes they leave us wanting more and you will exceed the calorie limit.

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