How To Curb The Cravings

Losing weight is often viewed as a battle between us and the scale. We see the number of where we are at and we have an idea of where we should be at – but trying to get there is not as easy as we would hope. It requires a great deal of discipline and self control. Something that is hard to find over night.

Did you know that half the people who start a weight loss plan will stop after a week or two? The main cause of this are the cravings. The cravings that get to us because we are suddenly changing up the routine and the types of foods in which we eat. Our bodies do not know what to make of it and it is protesting. So what are we to do?

Gradual Change

First, you need to make gradual changes in your diet. If you suddenly take out caffeine after consuming it in large amounts every day for a year than you will have a horrible headache. The same is true for cravings. Incorporate the healthy foods that your body needs to lose weight and reduce the amount that you eat. If you crave something salty or sweet than eat a small portion of it. Try to choose a healthy alternative of what you love.

Why Are You Hungry?

Do you even know why you are hungry? Sometimes are minds are telling us we are hungry – but our stomachs feel otherwise. It is possible that emotions or even boredom is making you feel that you should eat. Is it even lunch time yet? If not than try to do something else. Go for a walk or clean the home. Rather than consuming calories you will be burning them off!

Healthy Snacks

The worst thing that you could do is ignore when your body really is hungry. I find that it is healthy to have a small snack in between lunch and dinner. Grab something that is healthy and high in fiber so you feel fuller longer. That way when dinner comes around you are not so hungry that you are eating too fast and large amounts of food.

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