Health Value Of Coffee

When I first started to lose the baby weight I had to cut out a lot of foods that I was drinking. This was hard because when you are pregnant you seem to crave everything that is high in fat and calories. It is no wonder that I gained so much weight! One thing that I didn’t add into that pregnant diet was coffee.

It was not until after I had my baby that I got back into drinking tons of energy drinks. After months of drinking it I noticed that it was taking a huge toll on my body in a very negative way. So I decided to call it quits and instead replaced it with coffee. Many people told me this was a mistake and that it was not different. However, I have managed to lose quite a bit of weight while drinking this caffeinated beverage than any other.

A number of health studies show us that drinking coffee will actually help to fight off a number of different cancers and mental health problems. These studies showed that the beans used to make this tasty drink are full of antioxidants that help to fight high blood pressure, Parkinson’s diet, and aid in weight loss.

Next time you wake up early or need a boost of energy try to drink a cup of joe or even mix a shot of espresso into your morning protein shake. That is going to give you that jolt you need to start your day without giving you a huge crash later on in the day.


Just make sure that you drink this in moderation. This is a natural stimulant and too much of it will increase your heart rate and could cause headaches in some people. Know your limit and also be careful that you do not add in too many calories through creamers used to flavor it. This is when you work against your weight loss plan.

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