Find A Healthy Alternative To Water

Even though it is only Spring the heat has already come to greet us. I step outside of my door and the 90 degree weather is so sweltering that it makes me want to down a huge gallon of water to cool off. This is great! Water is the best thing for my body to have. It helps to clean my skin, remove toxins from the body, and to flush the fat out of my system.

The problem is that it is so bland. Many people who are trying to be healthy and lose weight should be drinking tons of water – but they either get bored of it or they do not have the taste for it. Rather than gearing to the diet sodas and teas sweetened with Splenda find a healthy alternative to the water.

Skinny Water

This is 0 calories and comes in six different flavors. Many of these are made with green tea extracts and are infused with antioxidants that our bodies need to boost the immune system. This is also a great appetite suppressant and helps our bodies to burn away calories naturally.

SoBe Life Water

This is by far my favorite drink to have when I am not in the mood for plain water. This is 0 calories and comes in three delicious flavors. These are made with an FDA approved sweetener from the Stevia plant. Unlike Splenda this does not leave you with horrible cravings. It tastes great and will give you a boost of energy.

Vitamin Water

This is actually not my favorite one to have – but it still tastes great. This comes in four flavors and is between 10 to 25 calories. It has vitamins and electrolytes that your body needs after a work out. It is still better than soda and has a lot less sugar in it.

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