Exercises Using Resistance Bands

There are a number of things that we are able to use when we are trying to get a good workout. Most of us prefer to pick up the dumbbells and others of us will use the weight machines. However, there is something that can sometimes be more effective at toning than you might expect – resistance bands.

When you do not have weights or you do not think that you are at the right level to get a good work out with them than pick these up instead. These are easy to use and they will provide you with a way to tone up your arms and legs like never before. Below we have a list of exercises that you can try.

Chest Press

Wrap the band around a rail or post that is behind you. Make sure that it is at the level of your chest. Step far enough away from the post that you will get enough tension in the band. Keep the elbows parallel to the floor as you push the arms in and out to the chest.

Seated Row

Sit down on the floor and extend your legs out in front of you. Place the resistance bands so that it is firmly touching the bottom of your feet. Hold either end in your hands and pull tight. Keeping your back straight pull your arms to your sides and than extend them back out.

Bicep Curls

Stand up and place the band underneath both feet. Hold either end of the band and curl up the arm like you would holding a weight. Make sure that the back is straight and the wrist does not move back and forth during this move.


Stand on the resistance band and hold either end up next to the shoulders with your elbows bent. Now squat at the knees and keep the hands level with the shoulders while you do this.

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