Enjoy Your ‘Green’ Smoothie

When you are trying to lose weight than you are going to have to make a few sacrifices – but who says that all diet foods can’t taste good? Lately I have been doing a lot of reading on various recipes and meals to eat when trying to drop the pounds or simply to improve your digestive tract.

The one thing that most people are starting to do is to make their own ‘green’ smoothies. These are made up of fruits and vegetables blended into a nutrient rich drink that you can drink for breakfast or as a snack. I know that many of us will cringe at the idea of drinking something that has strawberries and spinach in the same cup. Need some convincing? We have some great reasons why you should give it a try!

Curb The Cravings

Cravings are the worst during a diet – but they seem to be powerful when you are trying to eat less and you are not always eating foods that are filling. The great thing about these smoothies is that they can make you feel full without all of the calories. They are made with a mixture of fruits and veggies that have certain properties that will make you feel full for longer. No to mention they do not come in the smallest of portions!

Great Nutrition

When you choose the right recipe you will be able to make yourself something that tastes great and is actually sweet. The difference between these and normal smoothies is that they do not have high amounts of sugar and they do not remove any nutritional value that your body needs to be healthy. This makes it ideal for people with diabetes or parents looking to give their kids veggies without them knowing it.

Improve Overall Health

Drinking one green smoothie a day is going to give your body the natural ingredients that it craves and needs in order to be healthy. After a few weeks you will begin to see a change in yourself. Many people have noticed that their skin is glowing and their hair is actually shining without having to use a ton of products.

The smoothies are made with natural fruits and veggies that helps to remove the harmful toxins that come into our bodies through junk food. Not only will your body look better – but you will find that you have more energy and that your digestive track will get back on track.

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