Energize Your Body With Yoga

There are a number of different things that we will use when trying to find energy for our bodies. In the morning time rather than picking up the cup of coffee why not try a few simple Yoga poses instead? Research shows that doing the moves listed below will help to reduce fatigue and give you a jolt of the hormone cortical (the energy hormone).

Each of these poses will require a great deal of balance, focus, and flexibility. Not all of us (me included) have all three of these characteristics so do not get frustrated if you cannot do them perfectly. You have to teach your muscles how to do these moves. After a few weeks of doing them you will find that it gets easier.

Do each of the moves in the order that they are listed and hold them for 10 breaths. Make sure that you take deep, steady breaths. This is not supposed to be a heavy work out. Just something simple to give you energy. Do each move three times on each side.

Modified Down-Dog Split

Begin in the pushup position and lift your hips and move into the downward facing dog. Take five deep breaths. Now raise your right heel to the ceiling as much as possible. Slowly lower the left forearm to the floor. Remember to keep both palms flat on the floor.

Warrior 3

Stand up and straighten your left arm and place your right foot between your hands. Shift all your weight to the right foot and lift your left leg off the floor. As you do this raise your torso and make it parallel with the floor. Reach your arms out in front of you.

Modified Half-Moon Arch

Put both hands on the floor underneath your shoulders and turn your hips to the left. Raise the left arm to the ceiling as high as you can. Bend the left knee and hold your foot behind you with the left hand.


Start in a half moon arch and turn the hips and shoulder back to the floor. Use your core or stomach muscles to roll the body up to a standing position. Place the sole of the left foot on the right inner thigh. Lift your arms straight above the shoulders.

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