Dangers Of The Scale

Losing weight is about getting healthy and making sure that you are eating foods that your body can use for good and that is not going to deplete the natural energy that you have. Too many of us will consumer the junk food on a daily basis and will gain 20 pounds in the course of a couple months.

Suddenly we weigh in at the doctor’s office and we notice just how bad it has gotten. The scale can be a great reminder of how we have strayed off the healthy path and let ourselves go. However, it can also be our downfall if we are not careful. I believe that when it comes to losing weight you should not let the numbers dictate what you do.

Weigh In

When you first start your weight loss plan you need to weigh in. This will give you an idea of where you are starting out and how bad it has gotten. Use this number along with your height and age to know your body mass index. This will tell you whether you are overweight, obese, or normal. It will also tell you what your healthy weight should be.

When To Weigh In

After weighing in the first time you need to put the scale in the closet and not think about it. This is not about just decreasing the numbers – but trying to get healthy. Our bodies work in mysterious ways. Sometimes when we slim down we will begin to lose inches before we lose the actual pounds. This could be because we are gaining muscle in return.

The point is, if we do not see the numbers on the scale going down in the way that we want than we forget about how loose are clothes have become. Instead we begin to have negative thoughts and will stress out. This will work against the weight loss and will have the opposite effect on us.

Instead you should wait to weigh in until you feel comfortable to do it. You should try to wait until you have been working at it for two or three months and you think that you have reached your goal. Than you will notice a difference not just on the scale – but also in you!

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