Weight Loss Tips

Tips To Fighting Stomach Fat

There are a number of problem areas that we will have and that we try to focus on when losing the last few pounds. The most common problem area that we have to work on the hardest is the stomach. Most people will have to find the right food tips that will work towards getting [...]

Low Fat Frozen Summer Treats

I know that it is still spring – but all of us here in the Southern states are beginning to feel the heat and to us the summer has already begun. This is the time of year to get forget about school, enjoy the fresh air, get our tan on, and to enjoy the summer [...]

Benefits Of Eating Several Meals

The one misconception that people have when it comes to dropping the pounds is that they have to do things the way that it has always been done. I used to think that you had to follow the rules to the letter and that the rules applied to everyone. However, I quickly learned that everyone [...]

Flavor Your Healthy Meals

How many times have you started a diet and than come off of it because you could not enjoy it and you were bored by the foods that you had to eat. When we think of diet we think that we are relegated to eating the dry and bland foods because they are the only [...]

Stop The Yo-Yo Dieting

When it comes to weight loss you have to be very careful in the things that you do and the techniques that you are going to be using. It is possible to lose the weight – but trying to keep it off is a whole other story. There are many people, even famous ones, that [...]

Suppress The Cravings Without Supplements

One of the hardest things for anyone who is starting to lose weight is to stop all of the cravings that they are having. This is a normal battle – but one that many of us will lose. This is often because we are not fighting hard enough or in the wrong way. It is [...]

Dangers Of The Scale

Losing weight is about getting healthy and making sure that you are eating foods that your body can use for good and that is not going to deplete the natural energy that you have. Too many of us will consumer the junk food on a daily basis and will gain 20 pounds in the course [...]

How To Curb The Cravings

Losing weight is often viewed as a battle between us and the scale. We see the number of where we are at and we have an idea of where we should be at – but trying to get there is not as easy as we would hope. It requires a great deal of discipline and [...]

Weight Loss For Older Women

The hardest part about trying to lose weight is knowing what is going to work for your body and what will actually pack on even more pounds. Unfortunately women have some of the hardest times. Our bodies are not as strong as a mans and it can be very difficult to try to get rid [...]

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

How many times will we look at pictures of famous celebrities and wonder how they were able to slim down and get such a great body? Obviously part of their ‘sculpted’ look is attributed to the air brushing that is done by special editors. Still there are other celebs that follow a strict regimen and [...]