Tips To Fighting Stomach Fat

There are a number of problem areas that we will have and that we try to focus on when losing the last few pounds. The most common problem area that we have to work on the hardest is the stomach. Most people will have to find the right food tips that will work towards getting [...]

Enjoy Your ‘Green’ Smoothie

When you are trying to lose weight than you are going to have to make a few sacrifices – but who says that all diet foods can’t taste good? Lately I have been doing a lot of reading on various recipes and meals to eat when trying to drop the pounds or simply to improve [...]

Low Fat Frozen Summer Treats

I know that it is still spring – but all of us here in the Southern states are beginning to feel the heat and to us the summer has already begun. This is the time of year to get forget about school, enjoy the fresh air, get our tan on, and to enjoy the summer [...]

Health Value Of Coffee

When I first started to lose the baby weight I had to cut out a lot of foods that I was drinking. This was hard because when you are pregnant you seem to crave everything that is high in fat and calories. It is no wonder that I gained so much weight! One thing that [...]

Foods To Enjoy When You Diet

When you are on a diet you have to focus on the foods that you are eating and making sure that the portions are under control and the food is healthy. It is not going to help if you stick to eating foods that are bland just for the fact that you hope to lose [...]

Find A Healthy Alternative To Water

Even though it is only Spring the heat has already come to greet us. I step outside of my door and the 90 degree weather is so sweltering that it makes me want to down a huge gallon of water to cool off. This is great! Water is the best thing for my body to [...]

High Fiber Breakfast Meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Health experts are trying to convince people NOT to skip this meal because it helps to give them natural energy and to jump start the metabolism. Yet, when you go and eat a meal that is full of fatty foods than you are defeating the purpose [...]

Top Weight Loss Foods

With any weight loss plan that you get on it is important that you consume enough calories to keep your body working like it should – but not so much that you are actually gaining or maintaining at the weight that you are at now. That is why it helps to know exactly what the [...]

How Healthy Is Coconut Oil?

There are a number of tools that you should use when trying to drop the weight. One thing that people are the most curious about is whether or not coconut oil is going to help or not. For a long time this was believed to contain high amounts of saturated fats – which is something [...]

How To Add Veggies To The Diet

The hardest thing for any of us to be able to do when we try to lose weight is to let go of the foods that we love the most and to incorporate the foods that we know are healthy. It is time to stop eating the junk food and instead focus on eating more [...]