Diet Plans

The Raw Food Diet

There have been a few times when I am cruising around the Internet on the hunt for a diet that I can ‘stick with’ and that is going to work for me and my hectic schedule. For the first ten minutes it seems like such an impossible task because there is just too many to [...]

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is said to be the best weight loss plan for people who have heart problems and are trying to lose weight without interfering with those problems. This is a detailed article about what the South Beach diet is and how it all works. Remember to speak with your doctor before deciding [...]

Flat Belly Diet

Everyone has a ‘problem area’ that they have to work twice as hard in order to get rid of the fat. For some people they have more fat contained in the butt and thighs. However, for the majority of people it is in the belly. This is especially true for most men and a lot [...]

Fad Diets

How many weight loss plans do you think are out there? If you search the Internet you will have probably a hundred different diets pop up. Some of them are popular like the Atkins, Flat Belly, and Jenny Craig. Others are more obscure and some are just down right odd (like the cabbage soup diet!). [...]

Atikins Diet

There are a number of popular diets that you can try – but the Atkins is one that has been around for a few years. The purpose of this diet is to focus on giving you the foods that will burn the most amount of fat at a quicker pace than what we might be [...]

Weight Watchers

There are some people who have the dedication and the strength to be able to eat all of the foods and do the exercises that will shed the pounds. Let’s admit it, those people are few and far between. It is so much easier to shed the weight when you have someone there to help [...]